The car


For decades, and still today, the Formula Renault has been the stepping stone of racing careers of many of the greatest champions. 



  • Type: Honeycomb and carbon fiber monocoque
  • Bodywork: Carbon-fiber
  • Aerodynamic features: Front and rear wings, diffuser

Its carbon-fibre honeycomb monocoque chassis complies with the FIA F3 2019 safety standards. Wind-tunnel tested and analysed using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), the aerodynamics create considerable downforce and minimal drag, enable faster cornering and improve braking stability. 

Axles, suspension and wheels:

  • Front suspension: Double adjustable twin-tube shock absorber
  • Rear suspension: Double adjustable twin-tube shock absorber
  • Brakes: Brembo

​Fitted with two-way adjustable shock absorbers, the suspension system provides tried-and-tested solutions, with a double damper at the fornt and at the rear, while the tyres have been specifically developed by Hankook. 


  • Renault 1.8L Turbo derived from the Megane RS
  • Max. power 270 bhp
  • Max. torque 380 Nm
  • Max. engine speed 7,000 rpm

Based on the Megane RS engine the 4-cylinder, 1.8L, 270bhp engine is coupled to a seven-speed sequential gearbox operated by paddle shifters and electric actuators.

Engine and gearbox management is provided by an engine control unit (ECU) that only Renault Sport Technologies has access to. Connected to sensors built into the car, a second ECU collects data, while the steering wheel, complete with colour instrument panel, supplies drivers and teams with all the information they need.


  • Rims : OZ Racing
  • Types : Hankook Ventus F200



  • Gearbox : 7-speed sequential gearbox + reverse (SADEV SLR82)
  • Gearshift Electric, semi-automatic steering wheel-mounted
  • Differential Limited slip, auto-locking differential
  • Clutch Cerametallic twin-disk