Tech 1 Racing back on the podium in Pau

The town of Pau hosted the third round of the 2017 Formula Renault Eurocup. While Simon Abadie’s men did not enjoy the same success as in the past on a circuit on which they had already won on five occasions, they gained some satisfaction with another top-3 finish for Gabriel Aubry and Max Fewtrell’s double in the rookies’ category.

In Friday’s practice Max Fewtrell spearheaded the Toulouse-based team’s attack by setting the fifth time of the day and the quickest of the debutants. Gabriel Aubry and Thomas Maxwell got down to the job of setting up their cars for qualifying, while Thomas Neubauer had a more difficult session.

In Q1 Aubry continued the good work and clinched third place on the grid, which he held on to in the race itself to score his second podium of the year. Fewtrell qualified in seventh place where he finished winning the rookie category. Maxwell and Neubauer both avoided the traps of the city circuit and gained precious experience between the unforgiving Pau guardrails.

Next day, Fewtrell continued his momentum and was the highest placed of the four Tech 1 Racing drivers on the grid. The Renault Sport Academy protégé ensured his fifth place and clinched his fourth win of the year in the rookie category. Aubry also had a straightforward race in seventh place. Maxwell and Neubauer continued to improve but failed to finish in the points.

In the overall classification for drivers Fewtrell and Aubry are just shy of the top 5 while Tech 1 Racing is still in second place in the teams’ ratings.

“Gabriel Aubry and Max Fewtrell again put on a solid performance this weekend as they both scored points in the two races,” said Simon Abadie, the Tech 1 Racing team manager. “Gabi is getting his confidence back and on Saturday he was second quickest in his qualifying group, which he transformed into a podium. The next day his front wing broke in the last two laps in qualifying which handicapped him at the worst moment, but he was able to score good points in the afternoon. Max continues to be a regular finisher in the top 10 with seventh and fifth places. With his two wins in the debutants’ category he shows he’s got what it takes to move up to the next level.

“Thomas Neubauer and Thomas Maxwell had a lot to learn on their first outing on a city circuit. Unfortunately, Neubauer soon had an off and was only able to do a few laps before Q1 during which his engine cover flew off. Thus, he started far back on the grid but he didn’t give up when faced by such a challenge in Pau. On Sunday, he showed his progress as he was only three-tenths-of-a-second slower than Gabi, fourth in the same group, and then he drove a good race before he was tagged by another car in the closing laps. Thomas Maxwell’s improvement followed the same lines during the weekend. While he didn’t really push in the very technical second sector he progressed in qualifying after which he was faced with the fact of it being quasi impossible to overtake on a city circuit.

“We’re heading on to Monaco without a break,’ summed up Simon Abadie. “I’m expecting Gabriel and Max to be fighting at the front. Max has finished all his races in the points and Gabi’s scored two podium finishes. We’re a bit behind, but nothing’s insurmountable. Our aim will be to move up to another level and clinch places on the first two rows and score a big haul of points in the Principality. Our Thomases’ objective will be to put the lessons they learned in the real live test in Pau to good use in Monaco, a circuit on which we’ve been successful, historically speaking.”

And so on Thursday, Tech 1 Racing will be back in Monaco another city circuit on which the team’s results speak for themselves with four victories to date.