FR2.0 Testing


Tech 1 Racing is not only a winning team, it’s also one of the best learning environment for young drivers in Europe. With years of experience at the highest level, Tech 1 Racing has developed in-house work methods giving drivers the best tools to enhance their driving skills and develop as professional racing drivers.

Nothing can replace track time. This is the reason why Tech 1 Racing has a dedicated Formula Renault 2.0 testing team made of two cars always ready to hit the track. We can organize tests sessions all year long on most of the track in Europe.

From go-karts drivers sitting in a single-seater for the first time to more experienced drivers, the work plan of those tests session will be tailor-made by our engineers to match your requirements.

Here is an overview of what can be worked on during private tests sessions:

  • Analysis of the driver capabilities (learning process, technical and analytical feedback, improvement potential)
  • Track learning methods (track walks, track marks, driving adaptation, data analysis….)
  • Tires warming-up methods (driving aspects, technical aspects and theoretical explanations)
  • Braking techniques (Brakes balance, degressive braking, longitudinal grip limits, braking shapes, braking points limits)
  • Slow corner entry speed management (car rotation, degressive braking, grip level, racing line…)
  • Training on fast corner (line, sharpness, coordination…)
  • Race and qualifying simulation
  • Pace management (recovery, consistency…)
  • Set up sensitivity development & car balance adaptation
  • Race start training

Feel free to contact us to learn more and to organize your next private test.